The Professional Touch: Meet the Skilled Staff at Residence Royale Hotel

When it comes to choosing a hotel for your vacation to Haiti, it must be said that Residence Royale Hotel is one of the best. All our guests will benefit from a level of professionalism and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. Our staff is one of the reasons that set us apart from our […]

Escape the Ordinary with Residence Royale Hotel’s Poolside Haven

Are you looking for an exotic vacation to one of the best Caribbean locations in the world and need some persuading? Well, then how does a 24/7-open poolside oasis that awaits you at Residence Royale Hotel? This serene and luxurious haven is always available from the moment you check-in and until you leave our premises. […]

How Is the Food at Residence Royale Hotel?

Residence Royale Hotel food

Many customers are interested in the cuisine variety at the Residence Royale Hotel, so we decided to answer this question thoroughly. We’ll go over the various cuisines and food-related amenities we provide and what you’ll have access to during your stay here. Our hotel is wholly dedicated to offering a pleasant experience to you and […]

Is Haiti a Poor Country?

Indeed, Haiti is cataloged as a developing country. In fact, as of 2021, Haiti had a Gross National Income per capita of $1,420 (USD), the lowest in Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s the poorest country in this region based on recent standards, ranking 163rd out of 191 countries in 2020 on the Human Development […]

Travel Tips for Newcomers to Haiti

Are you a newcomer to Haiti looking to have a great time on this tropical island in the Caribbean? You’re welcome, then! While our beautiful island has many things to offer, there are several tips we’d like to give you. They’ll make your stay here more enjoyable, and you’ll understand why some things are the […]

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Haiti

Haiti hides many secrets just waiting to be discovered by the avid learner. It’s quite a journey if you’ve never read anything about Haiti or if you’re thinking about taking a vacation here. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most interesting facts about Haiti. Keep reading to learn more! Did you know […]

Is Haiti Safe?

In today’s article, we will talk about whether Haiti is safe for tourists. The short answer is, “yes, Haiti is safe for tourists.” However, you must practice conscious awareness of your surroundings, just like anywhere else. There are pickpockets and muggers in some bad areas of town, but those are few and far between. Keep […]

Exotic Location

Our Hotel is situated at the best place in the town, to enable you to truly experience Cap-Haïtien.