Hotel with Free WiFi and Great Food in Cap-Haïtien

Residence Royale Hotel is the best way to experience Haiti in all its exotic beauty and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. We have everything prepared for you with delicious food, superb room service, and affordable rooms. You’ll be ready to explore Haiti and witness its exoticism without worries, knowing that everything is taken care of. Then, you can retreat to your room and relax, waiting for the next day of adventures!

We’ve always got a few free rooms so you can book one immediately. Call us at 509-2230-1316 or 509-3445-4545 for one of our rooms – Suite, Deluxe Queen, and Deluxe Double. Alternatively, use our online platform to book a room and pay it on the spot or when you arrive. We have accommodations ready for everyone, whether it’s singles, couples, or families.

Affordable And Comfortable

What makes Residence Royale Hotel a steal is its affordable rooms that maintain a certain degree of comfort you’re accustomed to. We don’t take away from the comfort of providing cheaper alternatives to other hotels. Instead, we manage to combine the two aspects into a comprehensive experience for our clients. Our clients rank us as among the best hotels in Haiti simply because we care!

We have three types of rooms available:

  • Suite: One King-type bed, one additional bed for a child on demand, for two adults and one child. Suite rooms have a view of the nearby mountain or city;
  • Deluxe Queen: One Queen-type bed for two adults with a view of the nearby mountain or city;
  • Deluxe Double: Two Queen-type beds for four adults with a view of the nearby mountain or city.

Residence Royale Hotel is the most affordable option in Haiti. We’ll check the availability for you and issue a price per night and a total price for the duration of your stay with us. We’re located right next to the airport, so you’ll have a convenient mode of transportation. If you want a price approximation, we ask that you call us at one of the phone numbers above or use our online platform to book a room.

Delicious Local and International Cuisine

During your stay at Residence Royale Hotel, you’ll experience a mix of Haitian, American, and French cuisines, the likes of which you haven’t tasted before. We promise a spectacle of flavors that may make you fall in love with Haiti and its passion for subtle aromas. You may also want to visit the several restaurants in the area as many of our customers prefer dining out on certain occasions.

Our hotel is located at 240 Rue 29-B Prolongee, Carenage, Cap-Haitien, Haiti, which is very close to many local attractions. We know that many visitors to our country like exploring the city and taking a closer look at the nearby mountains! Plus, our rent-a-car service allows you to go on escapades whenever you like it, whether in the morning or evening. You’ll always have a car ready for you for when the fancy of adventure strikes.

You also have access to free Wi-Fi and 24/7 room service at your leisure. Our rooms are equipped with everything you might need and if you need something else, let the front desk know. We work non-stop so you can enjoy your vacation at our humble hotel. We pride ourselves on having the most professional room service and customer support among all the hotels in Haiti.

Best Location in Haiti

Residence Royale Hotel is located in Cap-Haitien, an important port city in Haiti and the heart of the country. The palace and citadel are two of the most remarkable tourist attractions, and you can get to them from the hotel in a short time. Our island has a long history filled with tumultuous events, but this hasn’t stopped us from welcoming tourists and developing our culture and art.

Haitian Naïve art is well-known worldwide, with exponents like Franck Etienne setting the building block for future artists. You’ll often see Naïve paintings throughout the streets of Haiti, and our culture is colorful. As you’re traveling through the Haitian streets, you’ll come to love the culture and appreciate the steadfast and innocent outlook of the Haitian people.

If you’re planning a vacation in Haiti, then there’s no better choice than Residence Royale Hotel for your stay here. Our hotel offers the possibility to experience Haiti in a way never experienced before. We guarantee the utmost satisfaction and relaxation in one of the best vacation resorts in the country.

We wish you a happy vacation in Haiti and a wonderful experience with your culture! If you’re interested in booking a room, use 509-2230-1316 or 509-3445-4545 to contact our front desk. They’ll tell you if the requested rooms are available and will answer any questions. Alternatively, our online platform is at your disposal for online bookings.