Hotel near Cap-Haïtien Airport

Residence Royale Hotel gives a new meaning to exotic vacations in Haiti. Located near the airport, our hotel is always ready to welcome new guests. It offers 5-star amenities for the most pleasant experience in Cap-Haitien! Free Wi-Fi, pool access, several parking lots, and 24/7 front-desk assistance are some of the services we provide! From local Haitian food to American and French staples, our kitchen is at your disposal during your stay.

Book a room at Residence Royale Hotel today for a superb vacation in Haiti’s tropical weather and emerald-green forests! We’re available 24/7 for bookings, so feel free to call us at 509-2230-1316 or 509-3445-4545 whenever you want. You can also book a room online on our booking page.

Affordable Comfort From $99 a Night

We like to believe everyone deserves peak comfort no matter their financial possibilities. That’s why Residence Royale Hotel offers some of the most affordable rooms while skimming none of the conveniences. Our rooms are outfitted with a TV, free Wi-Fi, a private bath, King or Queen-sized beds, AC, and other amenities you’ll find to your liking. They are decorated in a rustic yet simplistic way for a peaceful experience!

We offer three types of rooms:

  • Suite: One King-type bed, one additional bed for a child on demand, for two adults and one child. Suite rooms have a view of the nearby mountain or city;
  • Deluxe Queen: One Queen-type bed for two adults with a view of the nearby mountain or city;
  • Deluxe Double: Two Queen-type beds for four adults with a view of the nearby mountain or city.

It doesn’t matter how big large your family is because we’ll be able to accommodate you all the same! Our staff is amicable and communicative, and they’ll answer all your questions and provide stellar customer support. Our front desk is also available 24/7, so any requests you have, take them to the front desk, and we’ll offer immediate assistance!

Accessible Location Near the Airport

The Residence Royale Hotel is located near the Cap-Haitien airport, so you won’t need to drive a long way to reach us. Our location gives our customers rapid access to transportation toward the country’s best-known attractions like the Citadel and the local palace. We’re located at 240 Rue 29-B Prolongee, Carenage, Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

We also provide rent-a-car services for additional comfort when visiting our beautiful country! Our hotel is the only hotel in Haiti to offer proprietary rent-a-car services, which comes very handy when you’d instead leave your car at home. Our clients are delighted with this service because it’s always available and they can rent a car for the entire duration of their vacation here.

We can even prepare a car to be delivered to the airport upon your arrival if you want to begin visiting the city immediately. Our staff will take your luggage to your room, and you can start exploring Haiti without any delays. You also have exclusive pool access for your stay with us.

Delicious Local Cuisine

If you haven’t tasted Haitian cuisine yet, you’re in for quite a treat! Haitian cuisine is spicy and exotic in a way you may not expect, giving a new meaning to the word “delicious.” Residence Royale Hotel also has a selection of American and French dishes to be prepared on demand. No matter your preferences, you’ll find our food choices to be simple yet delicious and impactful.

We provide a vast range of food varieties taken from several cuisines around the world, leading to a delicious experience you won’t soon forget. Aside from the delicious cuisine, we provide recommendations on nearby restaurants for foodies who haven’t had their fill yet. Stay with us, and your trip to Haiti will be a memorable one!

Thanks to our location, you’ll find the best restaurants a few minutes away if you want to dine with your family. Many places are waiting for you to discover, and most are close to the hotel, so what are you waiting for? Our rent-a-car service will give you one more reason to go out and explore right away.

Book a Room Today!

If you’re thinking about making your vacation in Haiti, Residence Royale Hotel is pleased to welcome you with a regal demeanor. Be it comfort or professional customer support; we offer a level of excellence you won’t find anywhere else. What we provide is the guarantee of a worry-free vacation in one of the most exotic locations in the world. Haiti has plenty of beautiful things on display, and it all begins with us.

Residence Royale Hotel is always at your disposal for any information or room booking. Call us at 509-2230-1316 or 509-3445-4545 when you decide to book a room. Depending on your preference, you can make the payment when booking or when you arrive. You can also use our online platform to book a room!