Haiti is a country with a rich culture and a profound culture that never ceases to amaze, especially with food. Traditional Haitian food may be spicy at times and a bit hot, but it’s definitely flavorful. In today’s article, we’ll go over some of the most popular foods in Haiti, both for locals and tourists who tried or should try them. Keep reading for more info!
1.    Legim
Legim is a vegetable stew, for short. It’s a very simple dish that is extremely popular to this day. It uses a Haitian seasoning called epis, which is made from several vegetables and herbs. Legim is not only cost-efficient but also very tasty and flavorful. It works well with any type of meat and is generally served with white rice or Haitian plantains.
2.    Mayi Moulen ak Sos Pwa
Cornmeal Porridge or Mayi Moulen ak Sos Pwa is standard among Haiti’s breakfast meals. It consists of onions, epis, black beans, and cornmeal. It’s usually served with avocado, fried eggs, or salted herring. You can also use polenta instead of cornmeal if you don’t find any.
3.    Pikliz
Pikliz, or Picked Vegetable Relish, is becoming more and more popular across the seas. The spicy coleslaw salad includes cabbage, carrots, onions, bell peppers, garlic, and scallions. All of these are pickled in white vinegar or lime juice, and then they’re fermented for 3-5 days before being ready to be savored.
4.    Tchaka
Tchaka is a Bean and Corn Casserole, a traditional Haitian stew that’s usually eaten on All Saint’s Day and Labor Day. Some of the ingredients include red beans, dried corn, garlic, onion, peppers, parsley, thyme, bay leaves, orange juice, pepper, and more. As for meat, you can add mutton, beef, smoked pork, or anything else you fancy. The result is a flavorful stew with amazing taste!
5.    Akra
Nothing beats a Malanga fritter (Akra) as a snack in Haiti. It’s basically a tuber with a texture that’s similar to potatoes. Make these Malanga fritters with parsley, eggs, red wine vinegar, garlic, and salt. After refrigerating the mixture for 20 minutes, you’ll need to deep-fry the spoon-sized fritters. Enjoy!
6.    Kalalou Djon Djon
Okra and Mushroom stew is very famous in Haiti for its appetizing taste and flavorful aroma. The stew contains garlic, line juice, parsley, scallions, bell peppers, onions, thyme, cloves, and salt. It’s usually combined with rice, making for a killer combination. You marinate the chicken with this mixture, leave it overnight, and then fry it. You can also use crabs instead of chicken meat.
7.    Griot
Griot is nothing if not aromatic and a typical dish in Haiti. It’s made with onions, oranges, pork meat cubes, lemon juice, and lime, which are all fried in a skillet. The sauce will be reduced to a glaze, which makes everything all the more flavorful. It’s best served with Pikliz, as the two complement each other wonderfully.
8.    Haitian Patty
Haitian Patties are a staple for many Haitian events. This puff pastry typically contains beef, pork, chicken, or even fish, and it can be made at home with no problems. You can eat these patties with rice or even beans to create the perfect breakfast. Tourists also adore Haitian Patties, and even some pastries in the US are making these available to the public.
9.    Poulet aux Noix
If you like chicken and cashews, then you’ll love the Poulet aux Noix. With raw cashews and heavily-spiced chicken, this dish looks and tastes wonderful, especially when prepared by an expert. It is usually eaten with djon-djon or rice, and it’s a staple dish for Sunday lunch.

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