Hotel and Car Rental in Cap-Haïtien

Car and Hotel - Residence Royale Hotel

Is it vacation time, and you’re thinking about visiting Haiti, seeing all its natural wonders, and feeling its people’s hospitality directly? Look beyond Residence Royale Hotel for top-tier accommodation and superior customer service. Our staff has worked in the hospitality sector for many years. Under the current leadership, they’ll provide stellar assistance and comfort. Our rent-a-car service will also prove invaluable during your adventures in Haiti!

If you’d like more information about our facilities, call us at +509 2230-1316 or +509 3445 4545. Alternatively, you can use our online platform to book a room now!

Where Is Residence Royale Hotel Located?

Our hotel sits on Route Mont-Joli, Carenage, in Okap, at the very core of Haiti itself. We’re close to the airport, so you’ll reach us in no time after landing. We can arrange for a car waits for you at the airport if you’re eager to start exploring our beautiful country! Drop by the hotel when you’ve had your fair share of fun, and our staff will treat you royally.

What makes Residence Royale Hotel the best accommodation choice in Haiti is its proximity to many of the country’s attractions. We can point you in the direction of local restaurants, boutiques, and other tourist attractions that you may enjoy. Cap-Haitien is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and our hotel allows you to experience its splendors first-hand.

Our Rent-a-Car services are quite affordable and will allow you to explore the surroundings from behind the steering wheel of a performant and comfortable car. Toyotas, Nissans, Hyundais, Hondas, and Mitsubishis are among our car brands, waiting for you to take them for a spin!

It’s one thing to walk the distance between tourist attractions and another to move between them seamlessly in one of our cars. With more comfort comes more overall satisfaction, and we like to believe our rent-a-car services provide ample comfort for an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Amenities

Our hotel is among the best in Cap-Haitien regarding comfort, amenities, and customer support. From free Wi-Fi to top room service and delicious meals, Residence Royale Hotel will satisfy all your cravings and desires. Whether you’re a comfort seeker, a foodie, or an avid explorer, we have all you need. Our rooms are also affordable, even among other local hotels – we start at $99 per night, so anyone can afford them!

We offer three types of rooms:

  • Suite: 1 King-type bed and 1 additional bed on demand for 2 adults and 1 child;
  • Deluxe Queen: 1 Queen-type bed for 2 adults
  • Deluxe Double: 2 Queen-type beds for 4 adults

Begin your adventure in this corner of the world with Royale Residence Hotel, and you’ll love every moment of it! All of our rooms have a wonderful view of the city or the mountain and offer a thoroughly comfortable and relaxing experience. We’re committed to making your stay here memorable one way or another.

Our staff has extensive experience working in the hospitality industry and pleasing customers with refined tastes, so we’ll be able to accommodate you and your family with no issues. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Book a Room Today!

Ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure in Haiti? Book a room at Residence Royale Hotel via our online platform or at +509 2230-1316 and +509 3445 4545. We have affordable rooms, free Wi-Fi, the best room service in town, and a premium rent-a-car service ready to take you where you need to go. All our cars are performant and will take your experience to the next level, which is just how we want it.