Hotel Near Attractions in Cap-Haïtien

Attractions Nearby - Residence Royale Hotel

A vacation to Haiti is never complete until you explore all of the nearby attractions and get your fill of adventure. Below, you’ll find a list of the top tourist attractions near our hotel, with details on worthwhile activities and what you can do. We’ll explain everything if you’re wondering what’s there to visit in Cap-Haitien and whether there’s anything close to Residence Royale Hotel worth visiting.

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  1. Cathedrale Notre Dame de Cap Haitien

This Roman Catholic cathedral began construction in 1861 and is the jewel of Cap-Haitien. It’s currently under renovation, but you can still visit it. The stained glass decorating the inside windows is a sight to behold, and the atmosphere inside and outside the cathedral is one of serenity and peace.

  1. Cathedral Square

This one needs no introduction. Cathedral Square houses the statue of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the first ruler of independent Haiti. Currently, it’s one of the best tourist attractions in Cap-Haitien, largely due to its beautiful surroundings and green spaces.

  1. Heros de Vertieres

On the Route National Highway #1, a few kilometers away from the town center, like the Heros de Vertieres monument. The site is a remembrance of the battle of 1803 against the French. The seven bronze figures on the statue are, in order, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Francois Capois, Jean-Philippe Daut, Benjamin Noel, General Gabart, and General Clervaux. The last figure is that of a grieving woman.

  1. Danthor’s Cauldron Apothecary

Care for some crystals, books, incense, and perfumes? Then, Danthor’s Cauldron Apothecary is a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction in Cap-Haitien. The owner makes most of her products by hand and knows everything there is to know about spiritual needs and incense making. You won’t leave disappointed!

  1. Safe Trips Haiti

The Safe Trips Haiti tourism company offers one of the best experiences in Cap-Haitien. The personnel are very professional and kind and know their way around the hospitality and tourism sector. They’ll plan out your trips, accompany you, and provide all the services and amenities you could need at affordable rates.

  1. Jean-Jacques Dessalines Statue

The statue honors the bravery and keen leadership of Emperor Jacques I, the first ruler of independent Haiti. He orchestrated the slaves’ uprising of 1791, distinguished himself in the battle of Crête-à-Pierrot in 1802, and declared Haiti’s independence in 1804. The Haitian national anthem, the “La Dessalinienne,” honors his sacrifice and bravery. The statue is located in the center of Cathedral Square and sits atop a grey-tiled base.

Historical Trip Through Haiti

Haiti is a place rich in history lessons, and reminders of a tumultuous past pepper the streets with its monuments. You’ll have a great time wandering around the streets and enjoying the local history. Cap-Haitien has an exotic air about it, so you’ll fulfill your deepest desires after a few days spent here.

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