Family-friendly hotel in Cap-Haïtien

Residence Royale Hotel provides stellar hospitality at one of the best hotels in Cap-Haïtien. We’re as much a family-friendly hotel as we are very welcoming toward single individuals and couples. Thanks to our location in the center of Cap-Haïtien and near the airport, you’ll have access to all the popular tourist attractions, including the port, Citadel, and palace.

Rooms are among the most affordable in Haiti, and our staff is well-prepared for entertaining guests. Our team has always done everything by the book, following precise hospitality standards to ensure that the client is always satisfied. We’ve raised our hospitality standards to reflect the industry’s highest, which shows our clients’ loyalty.

If you’d like to book a room at Residence Royale Hotel, call us at 509-2230-1316 or 509-3445-4545. You may also use our online booking form!

What Does Residence Royale Hotel Offer?

Residence Royale Hotel is ideally located near the airport, in one of Cap-Haïtien’s core areas. With our Rent-a-Car services, you can get around quite easily to your destination and explore all that Haiti has to offer. Our hotel offers three types of rooms for families, individuals, or couples:

  • Suite: One King-type bed, one additional bed for a child on demand, for two adults and one child. Suite rooms have a view of the nearby mountain or city;
  • Deluxe Queen: One Queen-type bed for two adults with a view of the nearby mountain or city;
  • Deluxe Double: Two Queen-type beds for four adults with a view of the nearby mountain or city.

As we said, we can entertain numerous families and couples who want to enjoy their sweet time in Haiti’s exotic surroundings. We can prepare tasty dishes for you, served by our top-rated chefs. They can cook American, French, and Haitian traditional meals. We have everything for everyone, starting with booking one of our affordable and comfortable rooms.

Residence Royale Hotel has 24/7 front desk assistance and room service, so whatever you need, just let us know, and we’ll try to accommodate you shortly. We also accept cash or credit card payments before or after you arrive! Free Wi-Fi is available across the property and in its immediate surroundings, with parking lots available for clients who come by car.

Best Location in Cap-Haïtien

Our hotel is located near some of Haiti’s most popular tourist attractions, including the Citadel, Palace, and the renowned port. Our staff will try to accommodate you as best as possible and provide stellar services. As soon as you arrive, you can use our Rent-a-Car service to start exploring our beautiful country right away. We’ll take your luggage to your room and prepare everything for when you return so that your experience here is unforgettable.

Since we’re all locals, we can advise you on what you can do in Haiti! Room service is always available for any requests on a 24/7 basis, so don’t hesitate to make your needs known. Our team is instructed in the finer arts of hospitality, and they’re all professionals, so they’ll know what to do. We can also recommend interesting locations to visit during your stay here.

Residence Royale Hotel offers excellent comfort starting at $99 per night with our standard rooms. This makes us one of the more affordable options in Cap-Haïtien and among the best hotels in Haiti. We let our reviews speak for themselves, but we like to build a solid reputation where client satisfaction is our top priority. As you’ll see when you get here, we offer convenience, comfort, and professional services. And if you haven’t tasted Haitian cuisine before, you’re in for a nice surprise!

Convenience and Peak Comfort

Our Residence Royale Hotel team offers a charming experience by providing catering and hospitality support at a moment’s notice. You can use our versatile premises for birthday parties, celebrations, or professional meetings. Professional or casual, we can entertain any type of event with delight and professional preparations. Our exceptional food services combine American, French, and Haitian cuisines to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Excellence and luxury are our coat of arms, and we want you to feel royally cared for during your start at our hotel. Above all else, we offer convenience in simplicity, premium amenities, and the professionalism of our team. Front desk assistance is available around the clock to help you with any requests, and our room service provides a seamless experience overall. You won’t want for anything during your stay at Residence Royale Hotel, we can guarantee that.

Call us at 509-2230-1316 or 509-3445-4545, or use our online platform to book a room! Residence Royale Hotel is located at 240 Rue 29-B Prolongee, Carenage, Cap-Haïtien, Haiti. We’re very close to the airport, so you’ll reach our premises relatively fast, and that’s when the adventure begins. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any questions you have!