Hotel with Nice Views and Near Attractions in Cap-Haïtien

Residence Royale Hotel Haiti

Are you looking for an exotic vacation destination where you can forget about your daily life and have fun? Haiti might be the answer! The tropical weather, friendly locals, and delicious food should be enough to convince you. Residence Royale Hotel offers superb views and is located near the top-rated tourist attractions in Cap-Haïtien. You won’t run out of things to do here; we promise you that.

If you’d like to book a room, call us at 509-2230-1316 or 509-3445-4545. You can also book a room on our online platform. We have a suite of accommodations ready for you, starting with the Deluxe Double, Deluxe Queen, and ending with the Suite. Family or single, we’ll entertain you for the duration of your stay here with no problems. Let your Haitian vacation start now!

Affordable Rooms for Everyone

Residence Royale Hotel prides itself on offering the most affordable booking options in Cap-Haïtien. This has allowed us to welcome guests from all around the world to our corner of the world. Client satisfaction matters the most to us, so even though we offer affordable rooms, we don’t drop the bar regarding comfort and professionalism. Our team is made up of hospitality experts with extensive experience in the hotel industry.

This means that both you and your family will receive stellar treatment here at the Residence Royale Hotel. We have everything prepared for your arrival – a comfortable room, poolside access, free Wi-Fi, 24/7 room service, and some of the most delicious foods you’ve tasted. Our Rent-a-Car services are also available if you’d like to drive down the Haitian streets and see the vistas.

We have three types of rooms:

  • Suite: One King-type bed, one additional bed for a child on demand, for two adults and one child. Suite rooms have a view of the nearby mountain or city;
  • Deluxe Queen: One Queen-type bed for two adults with a view of the nearby mountain or city;
  • Deluxe Double: Two Queen-type beds for four adults with a view of the nearby mountain or city.

Don’t hesitate to book a room at Residence Royale Hotel for a dreamy vacation to Haiti! Every room has free Wi-Fi, benefits from 24/7 room service, and has all the amenities you need including an AC system, TV, office, and more. You can call us for more questions and our team will explain everything to you.

Top-Notch Hospitality Services

Our hotel raises the bar regarding hospitality, professionalism, and excellent services. We offer free Wi-Fi across the entire property, so you can seamlessly maintain contact with your family and friends back at home. The hotel is also located in one of the best places in Cap-Haïtien, near the Citadel and the city’s palace. You can get to them in a few minutes by car if you use our Rent-a-Car services.

Do you want to enjoy a delicious burger, croissant or Tonmtonm Ak Sos Kalalou while gazing at the wonderful views form our terrace? You can do that at any time, as our chefs are always here, ready to accommodate our guests. Our chefs can also prepare various foods from different cultures, including Haitian, French, and American. The food diversity has also brought us high acclaim among our previous guests because we can entertain any peculiar palates and culinary preferences.

Room services and front desk assistance are available 24/7 for any of our guests, no matter the problem. While you are away, our staff will clean your room and prepare everything for your return. And if you need anything or if something is not as it should be, drop by the front desk. We’ll solve the problem as soon as possible so you can enjoy your vacation here.

Book a Room Today!

We would be pleased to accommodate you and your family here at the Residence Royale Hotel. Our rooms are among the most affordable in all of Haiti, but we still offer undeniable hospitality and a comfortable experience. You have access to all the amenities you’ll ever need, and our staff is always there to help! We have a whole assortment of activities ready for you, and our team is there to assist you at all times.

To book a room at Residence Royale Hotel, call us at 509-2230-1316 or 509-3445-4545 or use our online platform for more ease of use. We’ll check the availability immediately and notify you in a few minutes if your room is available or not. If it is, you’ll need to specify the period and how long you’ll be staying at our hotel. Depending on your preferences, you can pay on the spot or when you arrive.

Have a safe trip to Haiti, and we wish you a happy vacation in one of the most exotic places you can find!