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Accommodations - Residence Royale Hotel

Residence Royale Hotel offers superior accommodations in Haiti with top-tier room service to provide an unforgettable experience. Are you looking for a lesson on comfort and customer satisfaction? Then look no further than our hotel! We’re located in Okap, near many of the city’s tourist attractions, so you’ll never be too far from all the action. Our rent-a-car service will also provide the extra comfort needed to explore the city at your leisure.

Call us at +509 2230-1316 or +509 3445 4545 for more information about our rooms. Alternatively, you can use our online platform to book a room now and reserve your spot at our beautiful hotel!

Suite Rooms

In terms of accommodation, our Suites are reserved for families. With one King bed for two adults and an additional bed upon demand for a child, these rooms are perfect for a family vacation! All our suites have mountain and city views, so you can plan out your exploration from the comfort of your room. You can check the availability of our suites on our online platform because they’re highly sought-after.

While our suites are more expensive than standard rooms, they are still affordable compared to other hotels nearby! Some of our suites also have balconies, offering a superb view of the mountainside or the city beyond. There’s nothing like going out on the balcony in the morning to enjoy your coffee or admire the views.

Deluxe Queen Rooms

Our Deluxe Queen Rooms are a couple’s dream come true. Fitted with one Queen-type Bed and all the amenities you could ever want, these rooms are perfect for romantic escapades. They offer all the privacy you need but also give you an excellent view of the mountainside and the city waiting beyond. Our room service will take care of all your needs, clean the room and keep it in pristine condition while you’re away exploring.

You have free Wi-Fi in and around the property and the best food in town, from traditional Haitian dishes to French cuisine and American dishes. There’s everything for everyone here, and it all starts with choosing your accommodation. Deluxe Queen rooms are a favorite among our guests for their affordability, comfort, and various amenities at your disposal.

Deluxe Double Rooms

Deluxe Double Rooms are just like Deluxe Queen Rooms, just double. Two Queen-sized beds, a team of professional staff members ready to serve your needs, and superior comfort make these rooms highly sought-after. Deluxe Double rooms are perfect for vacationing with your friends and looking for an affordable option. They are made for four adults, but two additional guests may be housed with the admin’s permission.

These rooms are preferred by guests looking for cheaper alternatives but who also don’t want a decrease in comfort. With free Wi-Fi, 24/7 AC, and a TV, Deluxe Double rooms are ideal for resting in between city trips or mountains. Haiti is meant for exploration, not sitting cooped up in a hotel room, either way!

Book a Room Today!

Are you planning a trip to Haiti, and you’re looking for accommodation? Residence Royale Hotel extends you a warm welcome to our beautiful country! Our hotel is located near the airport, on Route Mont-Joli, Carenage, Okapi. From our premises, you’ll be able to experience the urban feel of the city and the natural grace of the exotic scenery beyond. You’ll have an unforgettable experience at our hotel, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call us at +509 2230-1316 or +509 3445 4545 for more information about our rooms. Alternatively, you can use our online platform to book a room now before someone else reserves them.