Residence Royale Hotel is one of the most prominent hotels in Cap-Haitien and a landmark you cannot miss. You want your traveling experience to be as fulfilling and satisfying as possible, which means you can’t afford to skip one of the most offering and luxurious hotels in the region.

Our team is available for contact at +509 2230 1316 or +509 3445 4545 or online if you’re interested in checking our services and amenities yourself first. If you’ve decided to book a room at our hotel, here’s what you should expect:

Top Tier Amenities

We have everything you could wish for in terms of amenities and services. This includes:

You can check our full list of amenities online for more details. Plus, we offer airport shuttle and rent-a-car services if you plan to use our transportation for your touristic site-seeing. We cut no corners, as our goal is to impress and help our clients experience an unforgettable journey – the true Haitian experience.

A Tasty Trip

To put it simply, you cannot experience the true Haitian experience without tasting the local food. Don’t worry, we’re ready! Our chef is, naturally, expert in the Haitian cuisine, so you’re sure to taste the best food Haiti has to offer. Our Creole and Cajun dishes will provide you with more than taste – they will provide you with memories.

If, instead, you’re more of a conservative individual who doesn’t like to take too many risks, we hear you as well. Our team of cooks are well-versed in the international cuisine, more precisely French and American. You can always have a tasty grill or a BBQ to complete your eating experience.

Plus, you don’t need to eat at our hotel. We offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, but you can skip everything in favor of one of the nearby restaurants. And you have plenty to choose from, some coming with a different menu than what you can get at our hotel. A few notable names include Cap Deli, Lakay, Les Jardins de l’Ocean, and many others.

Prime Access to the Nearby Attractions

While the amenities, services, and food are core points that you use to decide whether a hotel meets your expectations, so is the easy access to the nearby interest points. You want you have direct access to local touristic attractions, which should preferably be as close to your hotel as possible.

Well, you’re in luck. Residence Royale Hotel is situated next to several important attractions. These include the Cathedral Square, Heros de Vertieres, Cathedral Notre-Dame de Cap-Haitien, and many others. You also have a hot link to Safe Trips Haiti, a touristic company that offers guide services to tourists and everyone else interested in their services. They are professional, knowledgeable, and are guaranteed to boost your Haitian experience tenfold.

Contact us at +509 2230 1316 or +509 3445 4545 for more details. Residence Royale Hotel is waiting!

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