Is this your first time visiting Haiti? If so, Residence Royale Hotel can provide a wonderful, memorable experience. Our hotel is one of the most affordable and customer-friendly in Northern Haiti. Not only that, but we’re situated in one of the best tourist locations.

We believe our comprehensive, accessible offer and our advantageous location make the perfect combo for your next vacation. Give us a call at +509 2230-1316 or +509 3445 4545 for more information. Alternatively, you can book a room using our online booking platform. Let us help you experience Haiti to the fullest!

You’ll Be Staying in The Heart of Cap-Haïtien

Residence Royale Hotel is located in Carénage, Cap-Haïtien. This locality is a rich cultural hub full of history and architecture. You’ll enjoy fantastic views, including lush hills, pristine beaches, and French-style architecture. The hotel is within walking distance of various tourist attractions in northern Haiti.

The convenient location makes it easy to visit various historical sites, including:

There’s also the city’s rich culinary and material culture. You’ll get to visit some of the best local restaurants to sample a unique assortment of Haitian dishes made from fresh, local ingredients.

Since Cap-Haïtien is a popular tourist destination, you’ll find plenty of interesting specialty and gift shops. It doesn’t take long to discover beautiful decorations, perfumes, candles, and other unique artisan objects created by small-scale local businesses.

Enjoy Fun and Educational Cultural Activities with Family and Friends

Residence Royale Hotel’s concierge service will help you experience the authentic Haitian culture at its fullest. From local festivals and markets to traditional music and dance, our staff can help you discover all the local hotspots and hidden gems in Cap-Haïtien.

We provide 24-hour front desk service, and we’re always happy to answer your questions. If you need ideas for a personalized trip, we’re always ready to give you some advice! We’ll guide you towards fun activities to immerse yourself in the local culture. Here’s just a sample of the family-friendly entertainment you can enjoy locally:

The diverse geography in Northern Haiti allows you to choose between a variety of bike tours, nature and wildlife tours, camping and hiking activities, boat tours, paddleboarding, kayaking, scuba, and various other sports!

For adults only, local guides provide a unique experience of the local nightlife through fun bar, club, and pub tours, which include organized wine and beer tastings as well!

We Provide All the Facilities for A Comfortable and Enriching Experience

Residence Royale Hotel has a comprehensive offer for all of its clients. We provide everything you need for a comfortable stay. If you book a reservation with us, you’ll enjoy a wide range of facilities, including:

Most importantly, we provide comprehensive and affordable rental car services. If you want to organize your own trip around the city, our rent-a-car service makes it so much easier. You’ll get to choose between a variety of 8-seat or 5-seat vehicles, perfect for a group or family trip!

In Short…

Choosing Residence Royale Hotel for your next vacation guarantees a comfortable stay and an energizing cultural experience in one of the richest cultural sites in the country.

We provide superior amenities at affordable prices, and our 24-hour front desk service will help you plan the vacation of your dreams. Book your room here if you’re interested in our services!

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